Beeswax is a 100% natural product created as a side effect during honey production.

To produce a kilo of wax, bees must consume from 4 to even 8 kg of honey.

Due to the fact that beeswax is difficult to access, and the production of wax candles is very demanding, candles with 100% natural beeswax without any additives (eg paraffin) are an exceptionally exclusive product.

According to the literature they are also a very valuable remedy with healing properties:

Ionize the air negatively which means that they have the ability to neutralize the negative radiation of electronic devices (including laptop, TV or monitor)

Thanks to the negative ionization, the air in the room undergoes purification, which helps relieve all kinds of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, allergy or asthma and positively affects concentration and well-being

The honey aroma of wax candles eliminates unpleasant odors and refreshes the air. He deals very well with tobacco smoke

Increases the ability to remember, the body’s efficiency facilitates falling asleep and improves sleep comfort.