Honey dandelion is one of the noblest honeys that can be beneficial to our body in many situations. All honeys are very healthy and can often replace even medications, but this dandelion stands out from the others in both composition, appearance and price. It is recommended for the treatment of various ailments and very beneficial for many body functions.

When looking for good honey with medicinal properties, it is worth taking dandelion honey into account, but sometimes it can be quite difficult to access. Due to some difficulties in obtaining it, its price is slightly higher than for other types, but sometimes it is worth spending more, because the effects of its use can amaze us.



I think everyone knows how it looks and where the popular dandelion grows. It is simply a so-called dandelion or dandelion, and it is from this that dandelion honey is formed. It might seem that due to the prevalence of this plant, the honey made from it will be very easy to buy, but nothing is more wrong. Sometimes it’s very hard to find him, and the main reason is that it’s not easy to get him. This is because bees often use nectar from dandelion as a developmental benefit.

Dandelion honey is often called May honey, because it is this month that popular dandelions bloom and bees can collect nectar from them. Often the region of its acquisition is of great importance, which significantly affects the taste of honey. In many places, dandelion honey is considered one of the sweetest. It has a light yellow or orange, cream color, and a quite sweet taste with a noticeable aroma of a dandelion. This honey crystallizes quite quickly.

dandelion honey


Dandelion honey is distinguished by a very rich composition of vitamins and minerals, which has an indescribable impact on our health. We find triterpenes, carotenoids and proteins, as well as vitamins B2 and C. It also contains many bioelements, including iron, potassium, manganese and phosphorus. The simple sugars contained in it include fructose and glucose, and in addition, in its composition we also find choline, which has a beneficial effect especially on the liver.

Very often, dandelion honey is used in the medicinal industry and preparations based on it can be easily purchased. This does not mean, however, that we should reach for this valuable type of honey only when we feel unwell. It is worth to permanently introduce it to the daily diet, because it can make us much more immune to illness, and our well-being will improve significantly. In addition, the sweet, unique taste of this honey makes it a great addition to, for example, tea.


For the sake of your precious composition, dandelion honey will be a great choice in the treatment of many diseases and ailments. It is used primarily in diseases related to the heart and liver and bile ducts. Due to the content of choline, it reduces the level of lipids in the liver and also causes a choleretic effect. In addition, it is also a great remedy for stomach problems (supports digestion, relieves hyperacidity, shielding), kidneys, urinary tract and bladder, and anemia. Thanks to diuretic properties, it accelerates the excretion of toxins from the body and is a great support in the treatment of kidney stones.

Dandelion honey should also be used for rheumatic ailments and in cases of psychophysical exhaustion and general weakness of the organism. It is worth knowing that this type of honey significantly strengthens the immune system and accelerates wound healing. It will be a very good idea to take dandelion honey during a long-term antibiotic treatment because it has a protective effect. It is also worth knowing that dandelion honey combined with pollen helps to heal the prostate.