Buckwheat honey is recommended for inclusion in daily diet for many reasons. It is an alternative to ordinary sugar and it can be added to tea, any breakfast or porridge. In addition, for many years he has been known for his extraordinary influence on the human body. Honey medicines strengthen the heart, they are irreplaceable in the period of increased physical effort, during diseases and in the shortage of mineral compounds. It is a treat that has a bactericidal effect, heals wounds and contains lots of vitamins and microelements. Honey lowers blood pressure, inhibits atherosclerotic processes and also treats liver disease. The action of buckwheat honey in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cardiovascular diseases is particularly appreciated.

The characteristic appearance of buckwheat honey allows it to be easily distinguished from other types of honey. It has a dark color of strong tea. Stored for a long time in a place where light is available, the color changes from dark brown to almost black. He is therefore considered the darkest of all honeys. In addition, it can be recognized by the intense aroma of white-pink buckwheat flowers. Buckwheat honey forms thick and hard crystals after crystallization. The taste is spicy, sweet and slightly burning, so it does not always correspond to children. It contains more than 50% fructose and up to 46% glucose/

Due to the substances strengthening and cleansing blood vessels (rutin), the healing effect of buckwheat honey is widespread and valued around the world. For this reason, elderly people, persons diagnosed with atherosclerosis and those at high risk are encouraged to consume them. Simple sugars contained in it are easily absorbed into the bloodstream and are able to nourish the heart muscle in a fairly short time. Thanks to their content, honey eliminates sugar as an important risk factor for atherosclerosis.

Rutin also improves the bioavailability of vitamin C, preventing its decomposition and accelerating wound healing. Its presence in food causes better absorption of certain vitamins and amino acids. Like all dark honeys, buckwheat honey has a lot of mineral salts and immune substances. This honey also contains large amounts of magnesium, which has an excellent effect on the heart and is needed in states of mental exhaustion. You can find iron in it, which is very easily digestible and protein.

Buckwheat honey is best for the treatment of anemia caused by iron deficiency in both children and adults. Systematic consumption of this product causes an increase in hemoglobin in the blood and supports convalescence after exhausting diseases and supports renewal processes.

It can be used not only for internal use, but it is also used in cosmetics. It is most often found as an ingredient in anti-wrinkle creams because it acts as an antioxidant and prevents the aging of the skin. It is also used in various types of masks and peelings. Regenerates the skin, nourishes and soothes the symptoms of acne. Buckwheat honey contains substances affecting the condition of hair, strengthens their structure, rebuilds damaged ends and cleanses the scalp, which is why it is found in the recipes for hair masks.

It has been said for a long time that buckwheat honey should be consumed by athletes. The routine contained in buckwheat honey can be used as an adjuvant in the treatment of internal injuries. It has also been proven that this type of honey has a positive effect on memory and concentration. Honey also reduces the persistent cough, especially buckwheat honey, which is as effective as some medicines. He plays an important role as a medicine that protects and detoxifies the liver. The simple sugars contained in honey are again responsible for this action.

Due to the higher content of choline than in other honeys, buckwheat honey protects the body against its deficiency, and thus protects it against damage to the liver and kidneys. This product reduces the harmfulness of stimulants (coffee, tea, alcohol, nicotine), detoxifies, removes lead and radioactive elements from the blood serum and acts anti-cancer. In the evening, dissolve honey in a glass of lukewarm water to eat it in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast. This treatment is long but effective because it supports the process of treating the heart and blood vessels.